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What's Verticillium?

Author: Admin Views: () Posted at 15/12/16

  Verticillium is a wilt disease of over 350 species of eudicot plants caused by six species of Verticillium genus, V. dahliae, V. albo-atrum, V. longisporum, V. nubilum, V. theobromae and V. tricorpus. (See, for example, Barbara, D.J. & Clewes, E. (2003). "Plant pathogenic Verticillium species: how many of them are there?" Molecular Plant Pathology 4(4).297-305. Blackwell Publishing.)

  Many economically important plants are susceptible including cotton, tomatoes, potatoes, oilseed rape, eggplants, peppers and ornamentals, as well as others in natural vegetation communities. Many eudicot species and cultivars are resistant to the disease and all monocots,gymnosperms and ferns are immune.

  Symptoms are superficially similar to Fusarium wilts. There is no chemical control for the disease but crop rotation, the use of resistant varieties and deep plowing, may be useful in reducing the spread and impact of the disease.

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