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Trichoderma: systematics, the sexual state, and ecology

Author: Admin Views: () Posted at 15/12/29

  Eighty-nine breed of Trichoderma accept been named, and several breed of Hypocrea accept been affiliated to bearding Trichoderma anamorphs. Eighty-three taxa of Trichoderma and their teleomorphs, Hypocrea spp., accept been included in phylogenetic analyses, including 11 breed of Hypocrea with bearding Trichoderma anamorphs. Phylogenetic analyses appearance that Trichoderma and Hypocrea are congeneric.

  Trichoderma breed not affiliated to Hypocrea teleomorphs are acquired from a part of breed that are affiliated to teleomorphs, advertence animal and asexual lineages are not absolute of anniversary other. Many added breed abide to be apparent and described. Molecular phylogenetic analyses accept appear the actuality of added breed than accept been accustomed on the base of analysis alone.

  A advancement is fabricated to adapt the International Code of Botanical Nomenclature to accredit acceptance of a alone all-encompassing name for Trichoderma/Hypocrea, with Trichoderma getting the earlier and added commonsensical name. As accretion numbers of breed are studied, the few morphological characters of anamorph and teleomorph accept accomplished their absolute for defining species. DNA-based characters accept affected an basal role.

  Members of the brand Trichoderma are universally present in soils, although alone breed may be either catholic (e.g., T. harzianum) or bound (e.g., T. viride) in their geographic distribution. To facilitate identification of species, a account of accurately articular strains of Trichoderma and their GenBank numbers for sequences of translation-elongation agency EF-1alpha and centralized transcribed spacer rDNA is provided.

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