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The current taxonomy of Rhizobium

Author: Admin Views: () Posted at 15/11/25

Rhizobia are nitrogen-fixing bacilli that anatomy basis nodules on legume plants. Most of these bacterial breed are in the Rhizobiacae ancestors in the alpha-proteobacteria and are in either the Rhizobium, Mesorhizobium, Ensifer, or Bradyrhizobium genera. However contempo analysis has apparent that there are abounding added rhizobial breed in accession to these. In some cases these new breed accept arisen through crabbed gene alteration of accommodating genes. The account beneath is not 'official' by any means, and it is alone my accumulation and estimation of the literature. An addition account is maintained by the "ICSP Subcommittee on the anatomy of Rhizobium and Agrobacterium".

It is important to agenda that there are added non-rhizobial breed present in these genera. For archetype in the Rhizobium genus, there is Rhizobium radiobacter — aforetime accepted as Agrobacterium tumefaciens. However these breed are not listed here, as the 'Agrobacteria' do not anatomy nitrogen acclimation accommodating basis nodules (unless they accommodate a accommodating plasmid — see Velazquez et al., 2005). I accept addition page about these bacilli that could be abashed with 'true' rhizobia. To see all of the currently accurate associates of a genus, including non-rhizobial species, bang on the name of the brand in the argument ineach section. This will yield you to the LPSN anatomy website.

This page was aggregate from my own research; a cardboard by J.G. Howieson and J. Brockwell presented at the 14th Australian Nitrogen Fixation Conference, and the NCBI and LPSN websites. This page is adapted regularly. If you apperceive of any additions or corrections amuse email me. I do try to accumulate up, but award new rhizobial genera in accurate is diffucult. To analyze the differences amid updates analysis the change log.

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