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Debittering aftereffect of Actinomucor peptidases on soybean protein hydrolysates

Author: Admin Views: () Posted at 15/12/13

  ABSTRACT Effects of the enzymes in Actinomucor elegans abstract and the agitator Alcalase 2.4L on debittering the soybean protein hydrolysates were investigated. When the protein was advised alone with the latter, a able acerbity formed; but it decreased if the protein was advised with both the enzymes.

  The added the enzymes were used, weaker was the acerbity tasted. SDS-PAGE contour and ESI-MS spectrum of the hydrolysates apparent that the Alcalase could catechumen the protein into peptides rapidly, while the enzymes in the A. elegans abstract were able to added abase some peptides which were difficult or clumsy to be anatomize by the Alcalase. Added analytical assay of the peptidases showed that the Alcalase apparent a cogent endopeptidase action appear NBZ-Phe-pNA substrate ( p < 0.01), admitting abounding exopeptidases in the A. elegans abstract had the carboxypeptidase action appear N-CBZ-Ile-Leu ( p < 0.01). It is assured that those exopeptidases presented in the A. elegans abstract can account by abbreviating the acerbity of the soybean protein hydroysate.

  They are aswell able of getting acclimated with the Alcalase in a single-step enzymatic acknowledgment to adapt the bitterless protein hydrolysate, which may be an able appliance for aliment industry.

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