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Yogurt starter (strains), yeast, additives

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Product name: Yogurt starter (strains), yeast, additives

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Our company is the main agent of France (BIOPROX s&p) strains of bacteria, the s&p PROTEX International group is a subsidiary of France, is the only specialized manufacturer of French strains bacteria, all production base, the French Loire products sell in France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Brazil, Asia, Africa and America more than 30 countries.Strains of bacteria and yogurt series product, cheese, series model strains, applicable to all varieties of solidifying yoghurt, mixing, lactobacillus drink, fresh cheese, mature cheese, butter, phil.Beijing's 100 in the professional technical personnel and facilities of the laboratory, and provide technical consultation, product development and perfect after-sales service.

Yogurt starter (strains), yeast, additives
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